My academic career started with a BA in Design & Technology (D&T) followed by a PGCE in D&T for Secondary Education at Middlesex University. After teaching KS3, GCSE, and A-level D&T and KS3 Art & Design for 3 years in a UK school, I completed a PhD on Graphicacy at Loughborough University. I then moved to Cyprus where I worked in the Department of Education at the University of Cyprus for 2½ years. In collaboration with the head of the department, I ran the PGCE D&T course for preschool and primary school teacher trainees. I supervised the students on teaching practice and acted as a mentor and mediator between the university and the schools. I am now works as a researcher in the Department of Educational Sciences at the University of Cyprus.


My research so far, has concerned visual communication (graphicacy), which is the creative development and communication of ideas and information through images and symbols e.g. maps, diagrams and photographs. The power of images has wide possibilities and great potential for the enhancement of teaching and learning. Through my work I have identified and defined what graphicacy is, investigated how it is used across secondary school curricula, how children engage with it and ultimately what effects it has on students' learning. My PhD research was based on determining students’ skills and abilities through assessing work completed in a classroom context in order to design and deliver robust strategies to enhance educational performance, from individual to national level.


Currently I am continuing my research on Graphicacy through various projects, workshops and seminars, while also working on developing formative and summative assessment tools for the competences of Design and Creativity.  In addition, a new area of interest has developed concerning Entrepreneurship and Creative Behaviours in Design & Technology, Science and Mathematics .

creative behavours

" As an academic I am enticed by the limitless potential of the human mind;   the   way   it   develops   according   to   external   and   personal   stimuli      and the extraordinary possibilities it can expand into."

miniature kites workshop providing a life experience for adults and children in a creative, fun, educational environment
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